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Sunday, 29 November 2009

About Children Review

When reading a lot of Mommy blogs about children's products, I realized that, although it's good to find out about products from a parent's perspective, the products are aimed at children, so it'd be a really good idea to find out what kids thought of the products too. So rather than just have a mom or dad tell you what their kids thought of a children's product, this is where you can hear what children think of it in their own words.

I have seven kids who range in age from one to seventeen, so my kids have most ages covered, and if a product is geared at children somewhere in between, then I have friends with kids who would love the occasional free product to review.

Looking for Christmas or birthday gifts for the children in your life? This is a great place to find out what those children might like!

But a warning to the companies who choose to have their product reviewed here: Kids are very honest, so if they don't like your product, they'll say so!

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